Mr. Slip Bobber “3rd Shift Glo-Bugzzz” Kit


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Mr. Slip Bobber® “3rd Shift Glo-Bugzzz” Kit! Designed by Greg Bohn for use with ALL lighted slip bobbers and live bait. Provokes night walleye strikes. Hand painted “Double-Double” Glow Eyes and Bug shaped body. Glows 50% brighter & longer. Omits a natural soft glow by moonlight or instantly charge them yourself for more intense and longer lasting illumination. Tip Glo-Bugzzz jigs with minnows, crawlers and leeches for night-biters. I’ve seen them work!

“3rd Shift Glo-Bugzzz”… The Jigzzz That Bite at Nite!

Receive (6)-nighttime walleye favorites in 1/16 oz. (#4-Hk) & 1/8 oz. (#2-Hk) sizes. Featuring Natural Glow, Bleeding-Gill Red Glow and Firetiger Glow. Hangs vertical for improved hook sets. Mustad Gold Aberdeen Sharp Hooks! Buy the complete (6)-piece  “3rd Shift Glo-Bugzzz” Kit for one low price.     OUT OF STOCK

Glow Blade Rigging Kit adds color, flash & vibration to Glo-Bugzzz jigs!