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Minocqua Fishing Report – Updated 11-30-2020 – 5:30 a.m.

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Crappie – Ice out crappie success can be tricky. Faster action typically occurs during the Pre-spawn to Post-spawn period and warmer water. Right now, small groups of crappie (6 to 8) fish will actively search for warmer water. Don’t be surprised if they appear near the surface where the warmest midday water temperatures are located. The sun’s heat can turn-on any calm water location quickly. Also play-off the wind, its your most important tool. Warmer surface water being pushed into any shallow location can turn on quickly.


I have witnessed and caught hundreds of spring crappie lying just beneath the still surface, many with their backs slightly above the water, which resemble leaves floating on the surface. Water rings are a dead giveaway. Yes, small bays warm quickly, but its the entrance and slightly deeper water nearby that’s usually the hotspot. Anchor fish, anchor fish, anchor fish! Remember, don’t over tackle these ice out crappie or you’ll be scratching your head. Think ice fishing, select finesse rigs, use light line, tiny ice jigs and #10 gold Aberdeen hooks tipped with crappie minnows or waxworms. By a scoop or two of crappie minnows picking out the smallest ones first. Be very size selective. Slip bobbers should be ice fishing sizes to detect those common slow bites.

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