Mr. Slip Bobber Pro-Blade Rigging Kit!


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Greg Bohn designed the Mr. Slip Bobber® Pro-Blade Rigging Kit to trigger more slip bobber rigged live bait strikes! As much as 50% more! Featuring Greg’s 6-guide tested walleye triggering blades in Willowleaf – Indiana – Colorado and 3-sizes #00 – #0 – #1 to enhance all your slip bobber rigs & snells. Our instant spin size #1 Stirrup Clevis, works every time! Each petite Hammered Nickel, Gold/Brass and Bleeding Gill light-reflecting blade color… will drive walleye crazy! Increases flash & thump,thump,thump vibration to minnows, crawlers & leeches. Components fit mono line #4 to #12 lb test. Individual sleeve container storage with “flip-top” lids. Greg’s Blade Rigging & Snell tips provided. Know where and how to apply them! The Clear Blister “Waterproof” tackle box is included. Make any homemade Slip Bobber Rig & Snell Come Alive! OUT OF STOCK