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Book Review “Master The Art of Slip Bobbering” by Dave Richey

By Dave Richey

The Detroit News Staff Outdoor Writer (23) Years

Master The Art Of Slip Bobbering

Master The Art Of Slip Bobbering: The Deadliest Method For Walleye! by Greg Bohn (Mr. Slip Bobber) with Scott Richardson. Published by Strictly Walleye, 6087 Highway 51 South, Hazelhurst, WI 54531. The ISBN number for bookstore ordering is 978-0-615-12875-7. Author autographed copies if requested are available from the above location. The price for this paperback book is $13.95.

Slip bobbers for walleye are nothing new, but some of Bohn’s techniques are just different enough to make catching jumbo walleyes a daily fact of life rather than a hoped-for dream for most fishermen.

The author walks anglers through his daily slip-bobber routine, and tells how to measure the water depth and how to adjust the rig to put the bait in the proper strike zone and location to hook big fish. Bohn has guided anglers to two record-class Michigan walleyes of huge size, and another from Wisconsin waters. Walleyes of 10 pounds or larger are often caught by anglers using his methods.

“Nine out of 10 experienced walleye fishermen failed to meet my simple boat challenge: how to put together a basic slip bobber rig,” he said. “People who buy and study this book will learn how to do it right, every time.”

The table of contents reads like a laundry-list of exactly what to do. There are chapters on stop knots, do-it-yourself stop knots, properly hooking live bait, reading between the lines, setting the depth, steps to setting the hook, Greg’s “Secret Six” walleye slip bobber rigs, the wind factor, fishing big waves for big walleyes, anchoring strategy, drifting patterns, weighted slip bobbers, 3rd shift walleye patterns, slip bobber tools and much more.

The author describes his drifting method of fishing three lines for walleyes. One line is fished close to the boat, another is 15 feet away and the rig farthest away is at 30 feet. Anything farther away becomes too difficult to see and makes an accurate presentation much harder.

This book is destined to be a winner. It details what Bohn calls proper slip bobber tackle selection and exactly how to fish a slip bobber rig under all kinds of circumstances. This presentation is a natural for big walleyes. Walleye fishing is big business in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and across the nation, and it’s seldom that anything really new comes along.

In this case, Greg Bohn’s new book on slip bobber fishing is just the ticket. It is brand new, packed with guide secrets and exciting to read. This book can lead to bigger and better walleyes, regardless of where an angler fishes. It is the bright new spot on the walleye-fishing horizon.