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Lindy’s New No-Snagg Rig! Takes the fear out of snag fishing!!!


New Lindy NO-SNAGG RIG Takes the Fear Out of Snag Fishing!

BRAINERD, MN Lindy has taken the fear out of fishing heavy cover for everyone but the fish. NO-SNAGG Rigs pack a punch with NO-SNAGG Sinkers and Lindy’s latest innovation, the NO-SNAGG Hook. Designed by fishing legend, Ron Lindner, the original NO-SNAGG Slip Sinker is virtually snag-free even in the heaviest cover. Now, teamed with the NO-SNAGG Hook developed by Wisconsin fishing guide, Greg Bohn, the combination is absolutely unbelievable.

After Lindy-Little Joe, America’s number one live bait tackle company, introduced the award-winning NO-SNAGG Sinker in 1999, Lindy listened to fishermen who complained that they were still getting snagged not on the sinker, but on the hook. The NO-SNAGG Rig now answers those concerns by adding a premium monofilament snell onto an incredibly sharp hook with a unique, seven-strand wire NO-SNAGG Guard.

Past efforts to develop hooks that avoided snags resulted in a lot of missed hooksets on fish. But, when coupled with a minnow, leech or ‘crawler, the NO-SNAGG Hook’s insect-like appearance seems to makes ’em bite harder than on plain hooks. Fewer fish are missed as a result. “For three days, Ron Lindner and I tested NO-SNAGG Rigs in the worst rock-strewn and timber-filled areas that Minnesota’s Rainy Lake has to offer,” Bohn said. “We actually tried to hang them up. Instead, we caught 100 walleyes a day, never lost a rig and we hooked almost every fish that bit.”

NO-SNAGG Rigs will allow experienced anglers to fish in spots they previously overlooked as “unfishable.” Beginners can fish without the worry of frustrating snags. Guides will spend less time retying and more time getting their clients to the fish.

Each NO-SNAGG Rig comes packaged complete with a NO-SNAGG Sinker, a five-foot snell pre-tied to a NO-SNAGG Barrel Swivel and a red, Octopus-style, ultra-sharp hook with the seven strand NO-SNAGG Guard. Hooks are available in sizes #2 or #4. The standard rig features a chartreuse bead in front of the hook, a subtle attractor that tournament anglers have long realized entices more strikes and gets the fish’s attention. Floating versions feature Lindy snell floats in four colors, orange, yellow, orange/yellow and lime/yellow. Replacement snells are sold separately. Now, there’s no place a fish can hide that you can’t go.

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