Monthly Archives: January 2000

Lindy’s New No-Snagg Rig! Takes the fear out of snag fishing!!!

For IMMEDIATE RELEASE : New Lindy NO-SNAGG RIG Takes the Fear Out of Snag Fishing! BRAINERD, MN Lindy has taken the fear out of fishing heavy cover for everyone but the fish. NO-SNAGG Rigs pack a punch with NO-SNAGG Sinkers and Lindy's latest innovation, the NO-SNAGG Hook. Designed by fishing legend, Ron Lindner, the original…
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Locals simply call Bohn the "Snag Master" By Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson Call him "Snag Master." Not only did legendary Wisconsin fishing guide Greg Bohn design the snag-free new Timb'r Rock Jig, he designed the NO-SNAGG Hook, which sports the same 7-strand wire hook guard. The hook marketed by Lindy Little Joe becomes a…
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Lindy’s New Timb’r Rock Jig! Jig where No-One has Jigged before!!!

Lindy's New Timb'r Rock Jig Allows Snag-Free Fishing in Rocks, Timber and Brush BRAINERD, MN  Lindy Little Joe, Inc. (Lindy), a dominant provider of walleye lures, fishing tackle and related accessories, has introduced its snag-resistant Timb'r Rock Jig. Designed by renowned walleye guide Greg Bohn, the new jig has a patented seven strand wire guard…
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